16,21,28,30. and i think there will be a 3rd wave. ;)

A third? How exciting! :D

As for Part 2…

16. How comfortable are you with uncertainty? Explain.

Uncertainty drives me crazy but life has forced me to accept it as a constant part of my existence. I’d feel better if I knew I could depend upon certain things to always be there or always be true but the bottom line is that life IS change.

21. When are you shy?

Everywhere but on the Internet. XD Seriously, though, in real life I am friendly and polite but by no means outgoing. Here, I’m still pretty reserved but I definitely get to connect with a lot more people and be more open about my life, my thoughts, and my feelings.

28. When you have nothing pressing, where does your mind drift?

Oh, how did I know you would ask me that one? ;D If I’m not busy, my mind tends to drift to one of two things 1) My writing or 2) A certain individual that shall remain nameless. Lately it has been the latter more often than the former (no surprise).

30. Are you a risk taker? Why or why not?

I’m not usually because when you gamble you run the risk of being forced to part with something you didn’t want to lose. However, if on the other hand I stand to gain something too precious to let pass me by, I will occasionally throw caution to the wind.

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